Mercedes-Benz dealerships appreciate the quality of well-trained MB DRIVE program graduates.  By opening the door to military Veteran participation through a GI Bill® Registered Apprenticeship approved by the U.S. Department of Labor and State Approving Agency, dealers now have access to another source of exceptional talent.

Military Veterans bring an exceptional work ethic to a dealership service department.  They are mature, responsible, adapt quickly to changing requirements, and they have been tested under the most demanding operational conditions.  Hiring a Veteran is a intelligent business investment for any dealership seeking a skilled technician who is team oriented, mission focused, and understands the importance of delivering quality work. 

GI Bill® eligible Veterans who are hired through this initiative, may elect to receive a monthly basic housing allowance from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which will aid in their transition from military service to becoming a Mercedes-Benz Certified Systems Technician through MB DRIVE.  This brings an added benefit to the dealership through additional financial support from the U.S. Government, provided directly to their newly hired Veteran, to promote success during the first year on the job.

Any authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership may take advantage of the opportunity to interview and hire Veterans through the MB Drive Registered Apprenticeship by following a few basic steps: 

  1. Click the “Register” button below:
    1. An online registration form will open, and the dealer representative must provide the required information;
    2. Click on the hyperlink to read and accept the MB DRIVE Veterans Registered Apprenticeship Dealer Program Agreement; and,
    3. Click “Submit” to complete the registration.
  2. Dealers will receive an email confirmation to alert them that they have successfully registered to participate.
  3. A member of the program staff will contact the dealer within 24 hours of registering to go over the program procedures and answer any question.
  4. Once registered, a dealer may request a candidate at any time by either calling their dedicated regional program recruiter, or clicking the “Request Candidate” button below.